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Anaheim Arts Council fosters the promotion, support and visibility of local arts and culture by collaboration with individuals, organizations and businesses to enrich the quality of life.

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Classic Master Paintings at Center Gallery

By Provided, May 15, 2015

"In Search of Light and Harmony." Center Gallery Exhibition at Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E. Center Street. Now open.

William Galvez, a native of Columbia, South America, was born to a family of artists. Galvez grew up developing a taste and passion for art. For years he experimented with different styles, mediums and techniques, until he fell in love with the magic of European art. Hence his creativity has been devoted to the still life the genre for many years.

William Galvez’s art works reflect the style and grace of the Old Masters in their strength and composition. His award-winning paintings are on display in discriminating galleries and private collections around the world.

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Battle of the Bands is Heating Up

By The Editor, May 15, 2015

Creativity is irrepressible, and when musical kids want to play and sing not much can stop them. There’s the drummer who found his rhythm in the school band, the soloist from choir, the guitarists who figured it out from You Tube, and one of them seems to have a gift for lyrics. They spend hours in someone’s garage getting their unique “voice”, finding the meld that works for them. And above all they are happy because they are  creating – and who knows where it all might lead? But who hears them?

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Concerto Guild News

By Press Release, May 14, 2015

May 17th at Servite: Bad Romance

The final performance of the 2014-15 season of the OCS at the Anaheim Performing Arts Center will be two all-time Russian favorites from the Romantic era. Passion in many guises ruled the arts during the 19th Century's Romantic Movement, and music did not escape. Iconic composers we view with reverence today like Franz Liszt, for example, were yesterday's rock stars. Liszt received so many requests for a lock of his hair from fin de siècle groupies that he bought a dog and sent out locks of its fur instead. Tchaikovsky's emotional life was marked by a 6-week marriage to a woman he never divorced and an intense, 14-year relationship (through letters) with Nadezhda von M., a woman he never met. Nadezhda Rimsky-Korsakov, on the other hand, sacrificed her own musical career to support that of her husband, Nikolai.

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Santa Ana Invests in Artists!

By City of Santa Ana, Apr 23, 2015

At a time when we almost despair of city leaders seeing the value of putting public money into the arts, Santa Ana has bucked the trend! And we praise their vision. Here is the official press release:

The City of Santa Ana announces the “Investing in the Artist,” an exciting grant opportunity that serves as a catalyst to enhance Santa Ana’s vibrant local art scene. Grants will be awarded to artists ...Read full story

Annual Soiree was Heroic

By The Editor, Apr 15, 2015

Swapping out the word Champion for Superhero the Arts Council brought its Superhero For the Arts Contest to a climax on Thursday April 9th. As good sports, the various contestants (or their deputies) dressed suitably for the occasion, and stepped up for recognition certificates to the cheers of the crowd. Topping out the Superheroes was Cynthia Coad (left) who won the ultimate prize on behalf of  the Kiwanis Club of Greater Anaheim.

The contest was a 50:50 arrangement whereby half the proceeds went right back to the member organizations and the other half goes to the Arts Council to provide grants and scholarships.

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