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Anaheim Arts Council fosters the promotion, support and visibility of local arts and culture by collaboration with individuals, organizations and businesses to enrich the quality of life.

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Arts Council Annual Soiree Details

By Michael Buss, Mar 18, 2015

The date will be Thursday, 9th April. Scratch that on your calendars. After too long a wait here are the details for this year’s main fundraiser – our Annual Cheese and Wine Soiree. But this is far more than cheese and wine, for we have three of Anaheim’s most sophisticated caterers preparing refreshments that will make the evening like a feast!

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Schools Turnaround With The Arts

By Michael Buss, Feb 2, 2015

The Arts Council, in common with all the arts community, believes that the arts are of paramount importance in the neural development of the child brain. The benefits are huge. If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so does a curriculum crammed with math and ELA (English Language Arts - which is a complete misnomer) and no arts. 

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Superheroes Campaign - One Month Left

By The Editor, Dec 8, 2014

This can potentially raise thousands of dollars for the arts. The proceeds are split 50:50 between the participating Organizations and the Arts Council. But you should also know that the funds raised by the Council  go right out again as scholarships and grants. That makes every dollar worthwhile in more ways than you can imagine.


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